Setting Tool Series MB Inch

Part Number

Series MB Inch


Tool Steel, Heat Treated


Setting Tool for Koenig Series MB sealing plugs. Imperial sized for the imperial (Inch) range of plugs. The Series MB setting tool is manufactured from durable tool steel and heat treated to HRC 50. So you can repeatedly install Series MB sealing plugs with complete reliability and precision.

Used with an Express 3000/5000 table press for precise and efficient installation of Series MB inch Expanders.

Alternatively, small quantities or single parts can be installed with a hammer and this setting tool. Installation can also be done with an arbor press. Stroke travel should be limited when using a press due to difficulty controlling insertion forces.

Product Highlights

  • Durable tool steel
  • Heat treated to HRC 50
  • Designed specifically for MB series ball plugs

Technical Specs


Approx. HRC 50

Dimensions In



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