koenig solutions improve quality and efficiency across your entire engineering process

Chosen by Design engineers for leading engineering projects

Koenig sealing and flow control components are chosen by design engineers for simplicity in installation and reliable performance. Using Koenig components removes the need for secondary machining or harmful adhesives and solvents. 



Design Engineers
Design engineer using CAD software
Clutch System inside of vehicle

Low total life costs and complete reliability in the field

Koenig solutions have been used by thousands of engineers in the UK and around the world. They’re manufactured in Switzerland to ISO 9001:2015 quality management procedures and ISO 14001:2015 environmental standards.

To ensure every component is completely reliable, every batch is performance tested with 100% inspection. This means, with over 5 billion units installed worldwide, failure rates stay below 1PPM. As a safety critical component, Koenig components are 100% traceable.

Operations Managers

swift integration with existing production lines

Production lines used by engineering companies in the UK are some of the most advanced in the world. To ensure smooth integration of Koenig installation tools into your existing production line, we offer full support from planning stages to implementation.

Koenig setting tools are used by engineering companies in the UK to install Koenig products in small batches and in continuous production lines. Hydropneumatic table presses, the express 3000/5000, are ideal for mass production on continuous production lines. Ex-Tools are handheld installation tools that allow production staff to rapidly install Koenig components accurately in batch production applications.

Production and Assembly Line
Row of engines being manufactured on a production line


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