Koenig sealing solutions are designed for operational simplicity in installation.
    In the field, they’re zero defect and 100% leak-proof up to 500 bar.

    • 5 Billion units installed worldwide
    • 100% inspected
    • Zero defect
    • Technical support throughout the UK


    Maximise the performance and minimise the lifetime cost of hole sealing solutions

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    LEADING THE WAY IN flow control

    Koenig flow control solutions are designed for complete control and reliability in installation. A unique one-piece design with metal to metal sealing technology. Precise flow control, simplistic installation.

    • Forward and reverse flow type Check Valves
    • Deep hole flow Restrictors
    • One-piece design
    • Technical support throughout the UK


    Lower the lifetime cost of your flow control solutions

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Koenig Expander Technology

A unique system to seal holes with absolute integrity

The Koenig Expander Sealing Plug provides a safe, quick, leak-proof, and low cost method for sealing cross-drilled holes. Expander sealing plugs ensure peak performance with a comfortable safety margin even in extreme applications.

The Koenig expander is a world leading hole sealing solution used in industries including automotive, aerospace, off-highway and hydraulics.

About Koenig
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The Koenig Expander is a tried and tested Hole Sealing solution. Trusted by the world's leading manufacturers

Koenig Applications

Koenig components are safe, reliable, easy to install, and save cost through productivity, operation streamlining and whole life reliability. With over 5 billion installations throughout the world, failure rates are below 1PPM. The Koenig Plug and its engineering principle, ensure not only component reliability, but substrate integrity.

SFC KOENIG has manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Switzerland. As the sole distributor of Koenig solutions in the UK, we offer engineering and technical field support throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The LK, SK and HK mandrel expanders are installed using pneumatic hand tooling, making them ideal for rapid installation in production lines. A zero defect, fully mechanical solution for sealing drilled holes.

Koenig Applications


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