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Zero waste sealing and flow control at a reduced lifetime cost

Koenig sealing and flow control are a waste free alternative to traditional sealing techniques. They need no sealant or adhesive to prevent leakage, and no rags to clean the waste product after installation.

Leading expansion technology secures the plugs, check valves, and restrictors in place for a reliable seal in high pressure and high vibration environments. Over 5 billion Koenig units have been installed worldwide, with failure rates below 1PPM.

We offer support throughout the Koenig onboarding process. Our technical experts assist you with everything from planning, design, and product selection, to development and integration. Automated installation systems are tailored to your precise needs to ensure a smooth assembly process from start to finish.

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System Protection

Koenig solutions are installed using metal to metal expansion technology. Using the Expander principle, a ball or mandrel is used to expand a serrated metal sleeve forming a complete seal. Compared to traditional sealing methods, this reduces cracking in the workpiece after installation.

Precision Control

Koenig flow control solutions provide precise control of fluids and gas in high pressure environments. Koenig check valves utilise forward and reverse models to allow flow through the desired direction and prevent backflow. Koenig restrictors have customisable orifices to dial in the desired pressure through the channel.

Reliable Seal

Every batch of SFC Koenig solutions is performance tested with 100% final inspection. Over 5 billion units have been installed with field failure rates below 1 PPM. With long product life cycles and production line integration Koenig solutions reduce lifetime costs and are installed with lowered down times.


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