Sustainable sealing and flow control that performs in high pressure environments.

  • High vibration resistance
  • Safety-critical reliability
  • No waste, sealants, or adhesives
Koenig Products

Lightweight and zero defect in extreme conditions

Motorsport engineering combines the principles of a combustion engine and MHEV technology. These systems are intensely detailed and designed to perform effectively in extreme environmental conditions. To make sure these designed advantages aren’t lost on race day, teams use Koenig sealing and flow control components for reliable performance all weekend long.

A Formula One engine can deliver 50,000 cycles of a four-stroke process during an enhanced qualifying mode. A performance race engine compressor and turbo deliver pressure in the region of 3.5 bar with a compression ration of 18 to 1. SFC Koenig sealing and flow control components not only survive in these environments, they perform.

They’re lightweight, zero defect and capable of delivering peak performance under extreme conditions. Plus, Koenig solutions allow engine modification by providing fluid delivery control and coming in diameters to suit a variety of bore and channel sizes.

Turbo Charger turbines


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