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Koenig hole sealing plugs and flow control components are Innovative metal-to-metal sealing and system flow regulation solutions. Ideal for hydraulic systems, plugging oilways, cross drilled holes and channels. The Koenig Expander has been installed over 5 billion times worldwide. During this time, in field failure rates remain below 1 PPM. Engineers in world leading OEM’s trust the Koenig Expander for hole sealing in performance systems, harsh environments and the upmost reliability in automotive powertrains.

Both hole sealing plugs and flow control solutions use unique expansion technology. This completely prevents leakage for hole sealing, and stops side leakage in flow control applications for precise flow regulation.

Koenig Sealing plugs in production at the Switzerland facilities.
A collection of Koenig hole sealing solutions

hole sealing

Versatile and productive, the Koenig Expander® permanently performs under extreme loads and pressures as a completely secure hole sealing solution. Since it’s introduction, the Koenig Expander® has driven productivity and efficiency in advanced engineering applications. From oil and hydraulics to aerospace and automotive industries, Koenig Expanders are relied on as an integral part of hydraulic, pneumatic and powertrain systems to provide leak free, whole life reliability.

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Koenig flow control components

Flow control

Koenig flow control solutions regulate the pressure and flow of fluid or gas through orifices and channels. Check Valves® and Restrictors® use expansion technology for secure installation preventing side-leaks. Even in high vibration environments, Koenig flow control solutions stay reliable and precise at high pressure. The Koenig Restrictor and Miniature Check Valve utilise Koenig’s unique expansion technology, with a one-piece mechanical construction. Flow rates and cracking pressures are tailored to the application for total system control.

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