Lightweight and reliable in extreme environmental conditions

  • No waste, sealants, or solvents
  • High pressure performance
  • 100% inspected
  • 100% traceable
Koenig Products

100% traceable & reliable aerospace solutions.

Solutions manufactured by Koenig for the aviation and aerospace industry meet the highest quality standards. The manufacturing and supply chain process is entirely traceable with recorded batch control.

100% inspection and quality management standards have made the Koenig components synonymous with quality and reliability. Quality begins with understanding full project parameters, conditions and installation, to deliver a right-first-time solution for:

  • Thrust reverser systems
  • Cargo management systems
  • Ground support systems
  • Braking systems
  • Landing gear
  • Flight control actuation
  • Fuel control systems
  • APU’s
  • HVAC systems

Regular testing under two key conditions are carried out by Koenig:

Static Pressure Testing

Each batch of Koenig plugs are subjected to continuous and increasing pressure until failure. On each test, the recorded failure pressures should surpass the required threshold. The blowout pressure recorded has a factor of safety from the rated working pressure of the plug.

Temperature/Pressure Cyclic Testing

For a total of 168 hours, Koenig plugs are subjected to cyclic temperature (-40°C to 150°C @ 2-hour frequency) and cyclic pressure (0 bar to rated proof pressure @ 2 min frequency) tests. The expectation threshold that the plugs are required to withstand during these conditions are zero leakage or blowout. Cyclic testing is a simulation of application requirements, mimicking the harshest conditions.

A ground support system on the way to service a parked aeroplane in an airport.


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