Production line integration

Ensuring perfect product & application allignment

  • Automation capabilities
  • Full support from planning to implementation
  • Reduced assembly and lower production costs
  • Simplistic installation
Setting Tool Solutions

Complete integration with exisiting production lines

With a range of productivity driven installation tools, Koenig components can be efficiently installed regardless of volume. Hydraulic-pneumatic tooling can be easily integrated into your existing production line. To ensure a smooth integration process, we support engineering companies in the UK throughout the planning, product selection, and implementation phase.

Koenig setting tools are suitable for all production levels. Hydro-pneumatic table presses, the express 3000/5000, are ideal for mass production on continuous production lines. Ex-Tools allow production staff to rapidly install Koenig components accurately in batch production.

Koenig Expander Production

SFC Koenig Express 3000/5000 demonstration


Koenig Expanders use leading expansion technology to completely seal drilled holes without any waste, adhesives, or solvents. 5 billion units have been installed globally with failure rates below 1PPM.


Koenig flow control solutions reliably regulate the flow of fluids and gasses at extreme pressures. The Koenig restrictor and Koenig check valve combine SFC Koenig’s industry leading flow control technology and sealing expertise. By leveraging a one-piece mechanical design in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings, Koenig flow control components offer supreme control at low lifetime costs.

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Oil pump gear set ready for fresh oil.
Row of engines being manufactured on a production line

Automated installation opportunities

Alongside automation partners, SFC Koenig offer single head workstations and fully automated assembly equipment. As reliability and safety is priority, automated installations help eliminate errors and risk of human related failure in installation. Automating Koenig installation lines can bring many benefits including:

  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Control of installation
  • Process flexibility
  • Quality improvement
  • High process speeds
  • Increased throughput
Koenig Setting Tools


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