Automated Solutions

A complete Service beyond suggesting the right products

At Koenig, we understand that engineering a successful sealing and flow control system requires more than just the right products. Correct assembly and installation procedures are also important. With advanced technologies and expertise, we help you integrate our parts into your existing operations, improving efficiency and consistency while lowering total costs.

You’ll get support throughout the entire project – from planning, design and product selection, through process development and implementation. SFC KOENIG installation equipment, such as presses and hydraulic tools, combined with our product feeding, process control monitoring and production automation capabilities, allow us to deliver a customised solution for your operation.

Collaborative Automation Partnerships

Review Existing Production Environment

Develop Systems Suited For Your Needs

Monitor and Control via IoT Devices

We offer single-head workstations as well as fully controlled assembly equipment. Our team will review your existing production environment, advise on the appropriate assembly equipment, and partner with your team to build an optimal solution. Based on your needs we can develop systems for both automated and manual assembly lines, customising the direction, type and number of assembly heads and tools. Built-in diagnostics control the process for reliable and consistent product quality and support real-time monitoring and control via IoT devices.

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Koenig systems and automation solutions increase throughput and help ensure that products are installed accurately and consistently, eliminating errors and potential risks. With strictly-managed installation procedures, high process speed capabilities and PLC monitoring, our high-quality systems are ready to be integrated into your production environment.


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