Series MB 600 Inch Expander

Part Number

MB 600 Inch


Stainless Steel


The Series MB 600 Inch Koenig expander plug effectively seals drilled holes with complete reliability. The expander technology forms a complete metal-to-metal seal as the stainless steel ball is pressed into the stainless steel sleeve. The MB 600 Inch is ideal for use in applications measured in imperial. Metal-to-metal expander technology removes the need for any sealants, adhesives, or rags, reducing lifetime costs of the seal and improving sustainability.

Product Highlights

  • High hardness materials provide high durability and strength
  • Can with stand high tollerences of pressure
  • Wide size range for various applications

Technical Specs


Stainless Steel 1.4305


Stainless Steel 1.4301

Dimensions In


Size Range & Pressure

Up to 450 Bar (6,500psi) From 0.093 - 0.281 inches


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