Series RE Flow Restrictor

Part Number

Series RE


Stainless steel


Designed for precise control of gas and fluid in deep-hole installations, the Koenig restrictor regulates flow in extreme conditions.

Leading expansion technology prevents leakage and remains stable in high vibration environments. Koenig restrictor orifice sizes can be customised to allow for accurate regulation of flow throughout any application.

With free CAD downloads included, the restrictor is easy to incorporate into your designs. And, with the Express 3000/5000 setting tool installation can be automated and integrated into your existing production line to improve efficiency.


Product Highlights

  • Tamper proof, reliable and resistant to vibration
  • 210 bar max working pressure
  • Simple and repeatable installation

Technical Specs


Stainless Steel AISI 303/304

Dimensions In


Size Range & Pressure

120 - 210 bar From 4.0 - 10.0 mm Orifice diameter in hundredths of a millimeter, for example 127 for 1.27mm


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