ExTool 040-2 Setting Tool Series LK/SK

Part Number

ExTool 040-2



The ExTool 040-2 is a versatile and efficient setting tool for LK & SK expanders from ∅12-16mm. 24 kN of pulling force ensures a leakproof metal-to-metal seal whilst protecting the base material and surrounding components.

A vacuum mandrel collection device prevents foreign object debris and easy removal and recycling of remnants. The Ex-Tool features a ring at the top of the tool to suspend from production lines to prevent operator fatigue and hose damage.

The ExTool 040-2 is perfect for production lines installing high quantities of LK & SK expanders from ∅12-16mm.

Product Highlights

  • 24 kN pulling force at 7 bar
  • Lightweight at just 2.7 kg
  • For LK & SK expanders from ∅12-16mm.
  • Easily, quickly and economically integrated into production lines.


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