ExTool B-010 | Battery Setting Tool

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The B-010 is a battery powered setting tool for pull-type Koenig expanders. It matches the efficiency and performance of our hydropneumatic ExTools, without needing a pneumatic hose.

The B-010 ExTool is ergonomic and is up to 1.4kg lighter than our other ExTools. It’s the ideal setting tool for almost every Series SK/LK expanders and can easily integrate into new or existing production lines.

The tool recharges from 0% to 90% full in just 22 minutes meaning you’ll never worry about halting production for extended periods of time.

*Equipment set and nosepiece are required and must be ordered separately.

Product Highlights

  • Fast charging taking just 30 minutes to fully charge.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic
  • 24 kN pull force


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