Product Specific

With a continuing focus on our world class sealing and flow control technology, SFC Koenig & Boneham stands for the highest levels of product excellence, quality and reliability. Technically Koenig Expanders are a market leading solution:

  • Zero leaks, defects and uncompromised reliability.
  • Reduced human error.
  • 100% Inspected
  •    Optical
  •    Mechanical
  •    Human
  •    Eddy-current
  • Raw material is tested and certified prior to production
  • Sub-contract turners are fully quality controlled by SFC
  • 5 pieces per 1,000,000 defected parts, with 100% of these detected prior to leaving the factory.
  • Wide range of Expander materials to suit the application.
  • Process control software available in conjunction with tooling