Series LK 950 Expander

Part Number

LK 950




Series LK pull-style expanders have short installation dimensions for direct installation into hydraulic bores. These expanders use the anchorage system for 100% mechanical sealing, withstanding pressures of up to 60 bar (850 psi).

LK 950 pull-style expanders are available in diameters from Ø4mm – 20 mm, making them suitable for sealing a range of hole sizes.

Suitable for weight sensitive applications and installations at difficult orientations. There is no counterbore required and will install directly into a drilled hole. Substrate material hardness < 280HB the bore tolerance should be 0 / +0.12 and ≥ 280HB the bore tolerance should be +0.05 / +0.15



Product Highlights

  • Available from Ø4mm – 20mm
  • Installed with any ExTool or hand KW Setting Tool
  • Up to 60bar working pressure

Technical Specs


Case hardened steel, Soft Annealed Gun Finish


Steel, Special Oil Film Lubrication

Dimensions In


Size Range & Pressure

Up to 60 Bar (850 psi) From 4.0 - 20.0mm


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