Customer Specific

Boneham is committed to customer focus, a significant element of every solution delivered. The Koenig technical support team progress with a comprehensive understanding of customer processes, applications and operations. The team match the specific application requirement with a solution from the portfolio of Koenig products with the view to enhance productivity, quality and subsequently profitability. Further technical services are accessible with unique customized development and consulting

Boneham works closely with the team at SFC Koenig to engage their engineering expertise in a broad variety of industry specific applications, with Boneham & Turner Ltd providing first class pre and post-sale support. The process of continually maintaining high standards by ongoing employee training, helps to always exceed the expectations of the supply chain.

Boneham & Turner Ltd hold controlled, forecasted and safeguarded stocks for all customers, managing inventory to provide clients with a reliable and secure stocking policy. All components can be traced and certified if required. For Boneham & Turner, it isn’t just about inventory and product, it’s also about understanding the customer application, B&T engineers indulge themselves in the project, so should there be a requirement for input at any point during the product lifecycle, the technical team can efficiently and correctly control the process.