About Us

Boneham & Turner Ltd is a leading manufacturer and stockist of precision components in the UK. Along with a vast range of standard engineering components, the company has been the UK face of the Koenig Expander since 1976, supplying a range of UK based organisations, including OEM’s, aerospace, automotive, auto-sport, hydraulics, fluid power, powertrain and machine builders.

Boneham & Turner Ltd carry an extensive inventory as well as being a technical based organisation. This means all products are backed up by a broad spectrum of knowledge in engineering practices, production lines and mechanical practices.

Please call the Technical Sales Team for a catalogue or information today, alternatively request a visit from one of our Koenig Technical Sales Representatives. The Koenig Sealing and Flow Control Catalogue is a complete guide to the products including installation instructions, preparation guidelines and tooling.

B&T has a desirable reputation for precision quality solutions. The company follows a strict quality procedure in line with BSI ISO 9001:2008.

Together with SFC Koenig, Boneham is a Global Leader in Sealing and Flow Control Technology.

Foremost in the field of high-quality sealing and flow control technology, Koenig offers a wide range of products and highly reliable productivity solutions. Both standard and customised. The Koenig Expansion principle is an unrivalled innovative means of delivering precise flow regulation.

Koenig solutions meet the highest safety and environmental requirements. Koenigs productivity solutions provide system reliability and efficiency while preventing damage to components and reducing waste within the supply chain and so lowering lifecycle costs.